An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

Updated 19 hours ago

The administration for the IdentityServer4 and Asp.Net Core Identity

Updated 5 months ago

A lightweight NuGet and symbol server

Updated 11 months ago

Git with a cup of tea! Painless self-hosted all-in-one software development service, including Git hosting, code review, team collaboration, package registry and CI/CD

Updated 4 days ago

该存储库已由所有者于2021年10月25日存档。它现在是只读的。 Repository for store configuration in MySql with Ocelot

Updated 4 months ago

该存储库已由所有者于2022年12月13日存档。它现在是只读的。 OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Framework for ASP.NET Core

Updated 4 months ago

Home repo of .NET Core Community

Updated 20 hours ago

🦄 .NET orm, C# orm, VB.NET orm, Mysql orm, Postgresql orm, SqlServer orm, Oracle orm, Sqlite orm, Firebird orm, 达梦 orm, 人大金仓 orm, 神通 orm, 翰高 orm, 南大通用 orm, 虚谷 orm, 国产 orm, Clickhouse orm, QuestDB orm, MsAccess orm.

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Updated 2 months ago

基于.NET Core开发的轻量级分布式配置中心 / .NET Core lightweight configuration server

Updated 6 days ago

此存储库已由所有者于2019年1月8日存档。它现在是只读的。 Repo for Consul integration with Ocelot

Updated 4 months ago

👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 Use Ant Design like a Pro!

Updated 2 weeks ago

Cli tool of Ant Design Pro

Updated 4 months ago

.net 用队列超高速写日志

Updated 7 years ago

.net core Ocelot Consul 实现API网关 服务注册 服务发现 负载均衡

Updated 6 years ago


Updated 9 months ago

amWiki 是一款由 JS 开发、依赖 Atom 或 Nodejs-Npm 的 Markdown 轻量级前端化开源文库系统

Updated 3 years ago

An open source tool to obfuscation .NET assembly file, help you protect your copyright. small,fast and powerfu.

Updated 4 weeks ago